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Beard Growth Kit

Beard Growth Kit

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Introducing the FleeKingZ Beard Growth Kit, your secret weapon for cultivating a robust and impressive beard. Crafted for modern men seeking fuller, healthier facial hair, this kit is your ticket to beard excellence - 

Derma Roller, Refreshing Sanitizer, Activator Serum & Metal Comb

Unlock the potential of your beard with the FleeKingZ Beard Growth Kit. It's more than grooming; it's a statement. Elevate your style and achieve the beard you've always desired. Because real men grow their own legend.


Kit Components:

Metal Comb:
Get your beard in line with this sturdy comb. It's not just about taming, it's about showcasing your style.

Beard Derma Roller:
Boost your beard game with this innovative roller. By stimulating blood flow, it encourages your facial hair to flourish.

Refreshing Sanitizer:
Cleanliness is crucial. Our sanitizer ensures your comb and roller are free from any unwanted guests, keeping your beard care hygienic.

Activator Serum:
Fuel your facial forest with this potent serum. Loaded with essential vitamins and nutrients, it provides the nourishment your beard needs to thrive.

Key Features:

Promotes Healthy Growth:
Whether you're nurturing stubble or a full-on beard, this kit is designed to enhance your facial hair's health, encouraging thick, strong growth.</p>

Pure Ingredients:
We believe in the power of natural. No harsh chemicals here. Our kit is packed with safe, pure ingredients that cater to your beard's well-being.

Gentle Derma Roller:
The 0.5 mm derma roller ensures a painless and comfortable experience while promoting optimal hair growth.

Guided Grooming:
Don't worry if you're new to beard care. We've got you covered with a step-by-step guide to make your grooming routine a breeze.

How To Use

Hold the Sanitizer 10-15 cm from the Derma Roller and spray 2-3 times. Let the head of the Derma Roller dry for 20 seconds. Use the Sanitizer before and after every application of the Derma Roller.

After sanitizing, gently roll the Derma Roller 10 times back and forth across your desired beard growth area to encourage follicle stimulation and maximize Activator Serum absorption. Afterwards, clean the Derma Roller with warm water and a few sprays of the Sanitizer. It is recommended to use the Derma Roller 1-2 times a week, depending on skin tolerance.

Take a couple of pumps of the Activator Serum in your palm and apply them in circular movements onto your desired beard growth area, helping the formula get into the follicles. Leave the Serum to fully absorb. Use after every application of the Derma Roller.

Step 4: STYLE
Gently brush and style your beard with the Comb.

care Instructions



Activator Serum: 30 mL
Sanitizer: 15 mL

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