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Wellness and Prevention (hereinafter "FleeKingZ") is responsible for the processing of personal data, as described in this privacy statement.

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FleeKingZ prepares this privacy statement to provide insight into the use of personal data on (hereinafter “the website”), and all domains related to the website.

Personal data is understood to mean all data with which an individual can be identified, such as the name, customer number and personal contact details. Data that are not personal, but in combination with personal data lead to identification of the user, also count as personal data.

This privacy statement applies to anyone who visits the website, or communicates with the website in any other way (hereinafter referred to as “the user”).

FleeKingZ undertakes to comply with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) and the General Data Protection Regulation Implementing Act.

FleeKingZ takes appropriate measures to protect the collected and processed personal data.

In case of questions regarding this privacy statement, or other questions related to privacy protection, you can contact us via:

Phone number: +31628930491
Through the chat option on the website.

This privacy statement was last updated on: August 22, 2022.


When using the FleeKingZ website or services, the following personal data may be collected and processed:

First and last name;

Delivery and residential address;

Phone number;

e-mail address;

lP address;

Data about the activities of the user of the website.


With due observance of the privacy legislation, the personal data of the users will only be used for the following purposes:

For the delivery of ordered products;
For marketing purposes;
To make available offers that match the interests of the user.

Pursuant to Article 6 of the General Data Protection Regulation, the processing of personal data for the above purposes is based on the following:

  • The user has given permission for the processing of his personal data. (paragraph 1 sub a) The given consent can be revoked at any time by the user.
  • The processing is necessary for the execution of an agreement with the user. (paragraph 1 sub b)
  • The processing is necessary due to a legal obligation of the controller. (paragraph 1 sub c)
  • The processing is necessary to protect vital interests. (paragraph 1 sub d)
  • The processing is necessary to perform a task carried out in the public interest or public authority. (paragraph e)
  • The processing is necessary for the representation of the legitimate interests of the controller or of a third party. (paragraph 7 sub f) The legitimate interests concern the following:
    • For direct marketing purposes;
    • To prevent fraud;
    • To ensure the network and information security of its IT systems


Personal data may be provided by FleeKingZ to third parties if this is compatible with the purpose stated in this privacy statement for which the data was collected. The data may be passed on to the following recipients on behalf of FleeKingZ:

courier companies;
fulfillment companies;
Customer service.

If personal data is provided to countries outside the European Union or to international organisations, this will not be at the expense of the level of protection that natural persons are assured by European Union law.

To ensure the protection of personal data, if the recipient of the data is located in a third country for which there is no adequacy decision from the European Commission, the following additional measures have been taken:

Data is pseudonymised for transfer to third countries.

Personal data is only provided for the period and scope that is necessary for the execution of the assignment given by FleeKingZ to the recipients.

In all cases of provision of personal data to third parties, FleeKingZ ensures that the data is only used for the intended purposes and is kept in accordance with the legally assured level of protection.

FleeKingZ never sells the user's data for commercial purposes.


The personal data will not be used or stored by FleeKingZ for longer than is necessary to achieve the purposes for which the data is collected in accordance with this agreement.


The user of the website can exercise his rights with regard to FleeKingZ at any time.

The user can make his request to exercise one or more of his rights known to FleeKingZ through one of the contact details of FleeKingZ mentioned in this privacy statement.

FleeKingZ will comply with the user's request unless the request is unfounded or excessive.

FleeKingZ will respond to the user's request no later than one month after the request, even if the request is not complied with.

The response to the request must be clear to the user, and must be provided to the user in writing or via other (electronic) means.

  • Right to information about the processing

The user of the website has the right to a clear and transparent explanation about the data processing.

Through this privacy statement, FleeKingZ provides information about the source of the data, the data recipient(s), the objectives, necessity and basis of the data processing, the safeguards for data protection, the retention period, the contact details for complaints, the rights of the user.

  • Right of access

The user of the website has the right to access, at reasonable intervals, his personal data that has been collected.

FleeKingZ provides the user, if requested, with access to an overview with at least the following information regarding the user:

  • the purposes for the data processing;
  • the categories of personal data that are processed;
  • the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the personal data is transferred;
  • the retention period of the personal data;
  • the right to change, delete, limit, or object;
  • the right to lodge a complaint.

When the user requests access to his collected personal data, the identity of the user is established by FleeKingZ before access is given.

If a copy of the data is provided to the user, no costs will be charged for the provision of the copy, unless the user wishes to receive multiple copies and a reasonable fee can be asked for this on the basis of administrative costs.

The copy is provided in writing, including in electronic form.

If the user submits the request for inspection electronically, the copy of the data will also be provided in electronic form, unless the user requests otherwise.

A copy of the personal data will be provided to the user within one month of the request.

  • Right to rectification

The user of the website has the right to correct or supplement his personal data if these are not accurate.

If the user does not have the possibility to correct or supplement his personal data himself, the user can instruct FleeKingZ to correct or supplement his personal data.

FleeKingZ will inform all recipients of the personal data of the changed data, unless this proves impossible or requires a disproportionate effort in relation to the interests of the user. FleeKingZ will provide the user with information about these recipients if the user requests it.

  • Right to erasure

The user of the website has the right to have his collected personal data deleted by FleeKingZ if one of the situations referred to in Article 17(1) of the General Data Protection Regulation applies.

The user also has the right to 'be forgotten' if FleeKingZ has made the user's personal data public and the user requests erasure of his data. FleeKingZ must in this case take the necessary measures to inform other controllers that the user wishes to erase his personal data or any copy thereof.

A request for erasure of personal data does not have to be complied with if the processing of the data is necessary for one of the reasons mentioned in Article 17(3) of the General Data Protection Regulation.

  • Right to data portability

The user of the website has the right to obtain his personal data from FleeKingZ in a structured, common and machine-readable form and to pass them on to another controller, without FleeKingZ hindering him in this, if one of the conditions referred to in Article 20 applies. , paragraph 1 of the General Data Protection Regulation.

If the user exercises his right to data portability, the user also has the right to have the personal data transferred directly from one controller to another, unless this is technically not possible.

The exercise of the right to portability is without prejudice to the right to erasure. This right does not apply to processing that is necessary for the performance of a task in the public interest or of a task in the exercise of public authority entrusted to FleeKingZ.

The exercise of the right to portability does not affect the rights and freedoms of third parties.

  • Right to object

The user of the website has the right to object at any time, due to his particular situation, to the processing of his personal data by FleeKingZ.

In the above case, FleeKingZ will stop processing the user's personal data, unless FleeKingZ can demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for the processing that outweigh the interests, rights and freedoms of the user, or that are related to the institution, exercise or defense of a legal claim.

When processing the personal data for direct marketing purposes, the user has the right to object to the processing of his personal data at any time.

If the user objects to data processing for direct marketing purposes, the data will no longer be processed for these purposes.

  • Right of complaint

The user of the website has the right to submit a complaint regarding the processing of his personal data by FleeKingZ to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Complaints regarding the processing of the user's personal data as well as complaints regarding incorrect compliance with applicable law can be submitted.

The Dutch Data Protection Authority has been appointed to supervise personal data processing. Information regarding the Dutch Data Protection Authority can be found at


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