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Product Features:


✓ Direct Drinking

✓ Sport Shaker Bottle

✓ Double Wall

✓ 750 ml

✓ Stainless Steel

✓ Thermal Insulation

✓ Anti-Corrosive

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A shaker bottle is a convenient way to carry your protein powder, nutriment, and water with you wherever you go. It is a must-have thing for anyone serious about their fitness. But with so many different shaker bottles on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? Leave all worries because Fleekingz is providing you with the most capitative and most useful shaker bottles that will satisfy your needs.

FleeKingZ Shaker Bottle

Your essential companion at the gym 😎

FleeKingZ is here to provide you with the necessary tools to improve your lifestyle. With this Shaker Bottle, not only your fitness-related needs are met, but also your daily hedonistic acts; keep your coffee and tea warm and enjoy its aroma, or simply fill it with a cold beverage when going outside for a walk. This FleeKingZ bottle is a Shaker at heart, but also a container for hot and cold beverages.

The Shaker bottle stands out from other water bottles because it is excellent for blending protein drinks, pre-workout shakes, and smoothies. When we shake our drink, a stainless steel mixing ball within the container bounces around. When shaken vigorously, the ball smacks against powder clumps and breaks them up.

Stainless Steel

The shaker bottle is made of stainless steel, which is durable and nearly unbreakable.

Stainless Steel Blender Ball

When the bottle is shaken, a stainless steel BlenderBall inside the shaker bottle is included to assist in blending the water & powder and smoothing out the shake in seconds.



How To Use

  1. At First, add the ice & liquid to your Shaker bottle followed by the powder.
  2. To ensure that the powder does not stick to the bottom of the shaker, drop the BlenderBall wire whisk into the bottle, along with your favourite ingredients.
  3. Then, simply shake until oh-so-smooth.
  4. Enjoy!

Package Includes

1 x Shaker bottle


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